DC Triathlon Club

2019 Member Spotlight – Leslie Knibb

February, 2019

Leslie Knibb 

What do you think about while swimming? The entire time I swim, I focus on my stroke, trying to push more water and wake up my kick, with the exception of looking ahead every once in a while so as not to crash into lane mates.
What can you not live without? I cannot live without sleep. I love sleep. When I’m not sleeping, I’m planning my sleep.
What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in a triathlon? I flew to New Hampshire to race Timberman and it was one of the first times I traveled with my bike. I had taken it apart and I’m NH, I put everything together, or so I thought. I even went for a little ride before I racked my bike for the race. Everything seemed great!
Anyone who has done this race knows it’s has some serious climbs offset with some super fast descents. One descent, about 20 miles in and zooming down at about 30-35 miles per hour, the road veered to the right and I was leaning/“turning” my handlebars to follow the road and while the handlebars turned, my wheel didn’t. I hadn’t tightened all the bolts on my stem. I slowed down and at the next intersection, a very nice and helpful policeman lent me his Allen wrench, from the trunk of his car. We tightened all the bolts on my stem and I was able to finish the bike ride safely! (Thankfully).
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