Emily Richard

June, 2018


I started doing triathlon after years of competitive running through high school, college and post-college.  I made the switch to triathlon because I wanted a way to continue to be competitive and a chance to set some PRs and see improvements that were no longer coming in the open running events.  I signed up for Snapple Tri Club’s Newbie program, and the rest is… history, I guess.

Date of Birth/Location: October 6, in Moose Lake, MN.  Grew up in Duluth, MN.
Years Racing: 2016 will be my sixth year
Strengths on the course: Run and bike.
Goals for 2016: Do a real Ironman branded race? And keep on swim, swim, swimming.
Nickname: None
Family Status: Married with 120-pound dog
Height: 5’2”
Little known fact about me: Before I started running, I was a gymnast.
Favorite Races: Eagleman is a fave for me – I love the sufferfest.
Favorite Result: Getting 3rd overall (as in, 1 woman & 1 male beat me) in my first full Iron distance race was awesome.
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: Cuddling with my dog, traveling, reading, cooking
Favorite Food: Favorite food item is banana; favorite food type is Ethiopian.
Blog: Nope.