Brian Decot

  • Is this satire?  “Further, a deep-water diving platform will be built atop the dome of the Jefferson Memorial.”

  • Pool closed for renovations.  Here is a message from the Aquatics Operations Manager for DC Dept. of Parks and Recreation:


    Hope all is well, thanks for reaching out. East Potomac will be closed, but Anacostia does offer the same early morning lap swim and also lap swimming throughout the day. If you have any other questions or concerns…[Read more]

  • Very sad news.  I just called DC Parks and Rec and the lady said that East Potomac Park will be closed for two years for renovations.  I want to see what the blueprints look like for a pool reno taking two years, good grief.   What poor timing!

  • Hey all – The East Potomac Pool at Hains Point will be opening next weekend (I think) and I was wondering if there will be any steady groups going either weeknights or weekends?  Schedule is: Summer Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri : 11 am – 7 pm; Sat & Sun: 12 pm – 6 pm.

    Any club member veterans with more information please share… thank you!