Conversations Over Dinner

August, 2020

Dinner #1 – August 17, 2020

Of course on the first dinner of my idea for “Conversations over Dinner”, I said: “let’s meet out front of the restaurant and we can decide if we want to go there or somewhere nearby” and then a monsoon descended on the area right at the meetup time, so it became “let’s meet INSIDE” and not out in the torrential downpour! I had the great privilege of sitting down over dinner with a club member who has been a member of the Club almost as long as I have. She joined back in 2007 after having gotten into the triathlon sport while being stationed in Egypt for work and joining a running club. 

Life and kids took her away from the Club for a while, but she recently re-joined with the hopes of getting back into triathlon and reacquainting herself with the Club. Then the pandemic hit and plans got thrown out the window. She was excited to see that we now have a Slow2Mod Community Group and we spent a long while discussing that while there tends to be the perception about the Club only focusing on the fast people, that we really are about all speeds here. We discussed how the Club has tried to break that perception (not always successfully), but we encourage her to continue posting her training rides/runs in the group because the Slow2Mod group is just as much a part of DCTri as any other community group or athlete. We also spent some time discussing how the sport of triathlon has changed over the years from when she got involved in the sport back in the 90s, to the heyday of the sport about 5 years ago, to where it might go after the pandemic passes.

My take homes:

  1. Circumstances have a way of taking us away from the multisport lifestyle sometimes, and the Club should consider finding ways to provide resources for those “off-seasons” in life and how to stay active during those times.
  2. Our “Slow2Mod” community group is an important and vibrant part of the DCTriClub family and probably encompasses the largest percentage of our membership. The Club should do more to emphasize the group on social media and on the website so that our members know that the group is there and that it is a great source of friendships, information, and encouragement. #thereisaplaceforeveryoneindctri

This was a great kickoff dinner for this idea and I’m excited to see someone returning to the Club. I really appreciate her taking the time to meet with me. Looking forward to the next dinner! 


Dinner #2 – August 20, 2020