DC Triathlon Club

Member Spotlight – Kelly Lefler

January, 2018

Kelly Lefler

Have you lived or traveled in a foreign country?

I lived in Italy for a few years as a kid, and studied abroad in Spain in college. In the last few years I’ve visited China, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, and Australia, which includes racing in Canada and Australia

Have you ever faced any obstacles in your life/career/fitness journey and what did you do to get over them?

I was unemployed after grad school for about 2 years. It was incredibly tough; people tend to wrap a lot of the identity and self-worth in their career, and I started thinking I had wasted 5+ difficult years pursuing a PhD in chemistry. I volunteered and turned to tri training as a means to structure my time, take out job hunting frustrations, and meet people. I didn’t give up and continued to put myself out there no matter how much rejection I faced, and eventually I found a job that I loved.