Jeff Halper

  • Hey everyone.

    I’m pretty terrible for sharing my mid-week workouts.   Swimming or running at 5am in Rockville isn’t that appetizing to most people!

    For the last few years most my mid-week bike workouts have unfortunately been on the trainer in the basement, though I always try to hit the Potomac Pedalers’ Tu/Th rides out of Laytonsville.  It…[Read more]

  • Found this after seeing Bryan mention it in this week’s newsletter.  I just wanted to add that if you witness inappropriate behavior, please be that guy (or girl) and say something.  You can introduce yourself, change the subject, make a joke, be direct, whatever; it doesn’t have to be confrontational.  But take the chance to defuse the sit…[Read more]

  • Hey, it’s Jeff – I’m glad to hear that the Mafia is being well received!  One thing I’ll throw out there is that members are welcome to post additional activities on the Facebook page to encourage more participation.  For example, if the ‘official’ group ride I post may not work for you, feel free to add your own ride with a different t…[Read more]

  • Well, I came in to nominate Joyce but she beat me to it…..I’m all in for the Otter.