• The MoCo Mafia will be riding out of Veirs Mill Park for a ~ 25 mile loop through Rock Creek Park.

    Clip-in is 8am.

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    Well, heck, my AirBNB host just cancelled my reservation. So I can’t offer lodging anymore.

    But if anyone needs a ride, there’s still plenty of room in my wife’s minivan.

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    I’m doing the Savageman 70 next month.

    I just confirmed an AirBNB room five miles away for Saturday night. It comes with two beds. I’m planning on heading up Saturday late morning and driving back Sunday afternoon.

    My wife’s minivan can probably hold two or three more bikes and riders comfortably if anyone wants a ride. The AirBNB room can…[Read more]

  • Sorry, gentlemen, but I think I need to sit this one out. I wanted to do the training weekend to help take my mind off some personal issues. But when the rubber meets the road there’s too much I have to get done in terms of paperwork and follow through, etc.

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  • Ed, if the lodging has power and there’s room for me, that means I can go and I’ll certainly have room for you, your bike and your gear in my wife’s minivan.

    Sam, there should be room for you and your stuff too.

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  • Speaking of the Deep Creek Training weekend, I’m looking for lodging. I have sleep apnea so I need someplace to crash with electricity for CPAP machine.

    If anyone has any extra space, even if it’s on the floor, I’d be most grateful. I’m willing to chip in for lodging expenses and/or provide transportation there and back.

  • I keep meaning to do this every year and always forget to register.

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    I’ll be driving in Saturday afternoon and back on Sunday whenever I finish the 80 (or they kick me off the course with a DNF whichever comes first). Plenty of room if you’re looking for a ride and the timing works.

  • I’m starting out with the Kinetic half in May. And if training goes well, I’m going to tackle Savageman in the fall.

    Savageman is really an iconic race. But I’m hearing rumors that it may not be around for long. If it’s on your bucket list, you might consider doing it this year.

  • I bought a new (well, used) bike just this year because I have my eyes set on Savageman and I’ve been riding my steel framed commuter/road bike. While a heavy bike works fine on mostly flat races like Eagleman and Nation’s, I wanted something a LOT lighter for all the climbing at Savageman.

    And now that I have a bike to race and train, I can make…[Read more]

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    The Jim McDonnell Lake Swim is also coming up next month: