• 10 budding triathletes at the elementary school in Courthouse need an adult triathlete to coach bike-run sessions at school. No coaching experience required. We give you the program! Easy gig & you can jump on Metro or bike to work. 2 mornings per week for one hour 4:3-6/11. Please help share the tri love with the next generation. Call/text 703…[Read more]

  • The Arlington Triathlon Club, one of the longest-running youth triathlon clubs in the country seeks a volunteer coach for 2-3 x per week before-school training sessions. Approximately a dozen 3-5th grade triathletes need fun-loving, reliable coach to motivate and inspire them. Award-winning program lasts 10 weeks. Prior coaching experience not…[Read more]

  • Thanks, Adam! This morning I received an email that went out from USAT to the other existing regions where an open board national board seat would otherwise open up next year. It asked any interest parties in those regions who would like to be on the board to submit their nominations. This is of interest because 1) it is not calling for…[Read more]

  • Some DC-Tri folks may have noticed some changes are afoot at USA Triathlon. The CEO has been gone for months. It’s now August, and we have not received notice of nominations or elections for regional or national board seats open in the coming year. What’s up? Well, we don’t really know. The membership (IMO blindly) voted last year to reduce the…[Read more]

  • Hi Eran: Yes, you are welcome to ride with me. We can take this off line. My email address is Please let me know where you will be located on Friday and how early in the afternoon  you will be available to go.

    Thank you!   melissa

  • I am able to transport 1-2 riders to Rock Hall going down Friday afternoon and returning after the race. I am not competing but will have a mid-size SUV so probably can take two bikes. Alternatively, if someone is driving down Friday afternoon returning Saturday shortly afterwards, then I’d be happy to chip in for gas.