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    Some DC-Tri folks may have noticed some changes are afoot at USA Triathlon. The CEO has been gone for months. It’s now August, and we have not received notice of nominations or elections for regional or national board seats open in the coming year. What’s up? Well, we don’t really know. The membership (IMO blindly) voted last year to reduce the number of national board seats and create new “regions” for national election purposes. Or so we were told. Word is creeping out now that the regions also will be chopped up for competitive purposes, meaning the USAT Mid-Atlantic Region as we know it will be no more. Your regional leaders have been seeking clarification as to what is happening in recent months to no avail.

    The USAT-MA Regional Championship (maybe the last for the region as we know it!) will take place Saturday at the Atlantic City Triathlon. Rumor has it that New Jersey and Pennsylvania no longer will part of the the MA and that we’ll join up instead with Ohio, Kentucky, and maybe Georgia! On Friday, during the race expo at Bader Field, your long-serving and devoted USAT-MA leaders will host a Town Hall Meeting at 2:30 PM. This once would’ve been called our annual regional membership meeting but the national board threw out our Regional Operations Manual over the winter so we no longer have a guidebook for meetings, elections, or any of the governance structure that has served us so well the last 30 or so years. We have invited our national board representative to join us in AC.

    If you will be in Atlantic City, please join us at Bader Field at 2:30 pm Friday afternoon. Outside the meeting time, we will be at the USAT-MA tent at the expo. If you can’t find us Friday, I’ll be at the finish line with Rob Vigorito and others from our Regional Council. We do want to hear from you and your ideas for what we can do to positively improve the sport. As many of you know, I firmly believe that all politics is local, and at any level where I’ve had the privilege to serve the sport, I’ve always been proud to say I’m a member of DC Tri. I look forward to seeing you in Atlantic City!  — m2

    Adam Stolzberg

    Thanks for the update Melissa.  Wish I could be in AC for the meeting but looking fwd to an update as to what transpires.

    Thanks again!


    Thanks, Adam! This morning I received an email that went out from USAT to the other existing regions where an open board national board seat would otherwise open up next year. It asked any interest parties in those regions who would like to be on the board to submit their nominations. This is of interest because 1) it is not calling for nominations with 50 member signatures for a democratic election but for submission to a committee that will vett candidates and choose for us and 2) supposedly USAT members last year passed a very ill-advised resolution to change our national by-laws to reorganize the regions which will significantly change the structure of our region. However, the email circulated about the elections appears to be soliciting nominations to existing regions. We are still seeking clarification and I will update the club when I know more.


    Thanks for sharing your insights Melissa. What came out of the town hall meeting?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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