Reply To: Training Peaks/workout proritization question


Thank you for your question. This is a good question to provide a learning experience for all.

I know we all get so focused on the details and often we forget the big picture. What is the big picture for the season ahead? Fulfill your Half Ironman Race!

Since this is a group training program, the workouts need to be ‘flexible’ since everyone has different swimming abilities and experience. Thus the focus is on getting in the distance. The time frame is the ‘flexible’ part so that it applies to as many athletes as possible. In addition, swimming takes more logistics, so I add in a little more time for planning purposes. Whether the workout is yellow or green, you are the only person that is viewing it so it really doesn’t matter. As long as you get in what you need to to be ready for your big pictures goal, this is what matters. If it takes you 47 minutes or 77 minutes, this doesn’t matter. You got it in!

As for the order, I cannot control how they appear in TP. So you are able to do them at the same time or at separate times. As I mentioned at the Kick Off Meeting, mid week workouts can be done however you can get them in given that time is limited. Ideally, you would want to train like you race. So if it’s a brick run, it’s helpful if you do the run off of the bike. This is a priority over the weekend workouts when most athletes have more flexibility in time and the ability to do a back to back workout. During the week, just do what you can.

Again, remember to keep the big picture in mind throughout the season!