Reply To: Any substitute for bike/run?


Thank you for your question and getting the ‘injury’ conversation started. It always rears it’s head but not usually this early. So let’s dive in…

As I mentioned at the Kick Off Meeting, if you have an injury (especially this early in the season), go see a good sports minded physical therapist. Again, not a PT that treats symptoms but a good PT that gets to the source of the issue and resolves it.

If you are writing a post that you need to take a week off or it’s been going on now for a few weeks, you must get under the care of a physical therapist. You likely don’t need to go to an Ortho for this issues but you do need to seek the care of a specialist like a PT. They will also give you guidance on what you can do and what you cannot do.

In the meantime, what you can do is make the week a swim focus. Depending on how bad the issue is with lifting the leg/knee, you could also substitute activity like elliptical or deep water running in place for the bike and run. By doing so, it will maintain what fitness you have in place. Swimming will help but it won’t completely protect the run and bike fitness due to the laws of specificity (as discussed at the Kick Off Meeting).

Hope this helps!