Reply To: Group registration for Rock Hall?


Correct – there is no group registration. You can register on your own whenever you’re ready.

Regarding accommodations, we were made aware that there were barely any accommodations in the nearby area. I mentioned something to the clinic participants on Sunday so I could tell at least a few of you in person what the plan is. Please see below:

Through our research for hotels, there seem to be very few options (if any) around the area of the Rock Hall race, to ensure you can have a comfortable morning. We have decided to offer Jamestown as a second option to all of you, in case you are concerned about the lack of hotels at Rock Hall. The coaches will prepare each of you for whichever race you choose, making whatever adjustments necessary for your training. The good news is that besides physical location, the races are VERY similar – about the same distance away from DC, flat course, similar swim conditions, AND they’re only a week apart. Jamestown is a week later so training would not drastically change.As mentioned above, NTP is now going to Jamestown as well, but Rock Hall are Mid-Atlantic championships.

Let Coach Jule know if you’d like to change your race, or discuss the option of changing it.