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Another strong recommendation for Smiley- I’ve had other bike fits and his is by far superior. He refit my TT bike and it made a WORLD of a difference. I’ll admit I waited a while to get my bike refit because the $275 seemed a bit steep. Now I’m kicking myself for not doing it last year- it’s a small investment for huge results.

Then, when I was looking for a road bike, he had me come in to ride the fit bike so I could get the exact bike that worked for me. All I paid was the additional bike fee and I ended up with a bike that cost less because it was the one best suited for my measurements. Any time I buy a bike in the future I’ll be seeing him first.

Smiley is a perfectionist and won’t let you leave until he’s satisfied you’re riding correctly (like when he insisted on fixing my saddle because I hadn’t put it on just right).