Reply To: Another what to wear question


Great feedback all!  Like the tri kit itself, this often is a very personal decision.  One brand fits one person well but not another.  It might be worth heading to a running store to try a few one if you don’t have a good running bra that you use now.

That said, I recommend that you race in one that you have been training in.  Now how it feels, what it does (support, non chaffing, etc).  I have a few different types of Nike bras and some don’t chafe and some do.  What I might recommend is looking at the seamless bras.  They are much less likely to chafe because they lack seams!  And if you want to consider wearing a bra with an underwire in it, I would practice with it in training and a shorter course race.

Sounds like you have your homework!  Keep the questions and feedback coming!