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Maybe it’s a way to encourage members to sign up for our amazing training programs?

We know it’s an issue and we are working on it. It was a very involved hard line coding on the old website that hid these posts from the general membership. The code did not transfer to the language of the new website, so we are having to re-invent the wheel for a very special requirement of a general forum technology.

We have put out requests for people with WordPress and BuddyPress experience but have had very little response to them. So if you know someone with high level experience on these platforms, then please put us in contact with them. There are a lot of tweaks that we need to make with the Forum section of the site (as well as other areas of the website), and the Board is an all volunteer group who have their own full-time jobs, their own training & racing to do, and we are not experts on website programming! So we could use some expert help to keep up with all the issues that our members are reporting and to make your experience with the club website as best as we can!

Treasurer | DC Triathlon Club