Reply To: OWS Opportunity This Saturday

Lindsay Buffum

I plan to switch my Saturday and Sunday workouts.  So I’ll be doing the swim followed by a run, then doing the DC Tri Duathlon on Sunday.  If other folks are going, we could picnic too on Saturday.   This was the info on the Picnic and schedule from the NTP page if folks are interested!

A-E: Dessert

F-K: Side dish (chips are okay)

L-R: Fruit or side dish (no chips, please)

S-Z: Drinks (soda, bottled water, Gatorade, etc.)

In summary, the schedule is as follows:

8:30 am- OWS Clinic begins

9:30 am – NTPers enter water and do practice swim.

10:30 am – OWS Clinic ends

11:00 am – Group Bike Ride begins

12:30 pm – BBQ begins and first sprint riders should be back

1:00 pm – First Oly riders should be back