Reply To: Congrats and Post-Race Questions

Jesse Worker

Just to add on–

The organizers were warm, courteous and helpful. It’s great value for the money, I thought. I also appreciated that the routes were well shaded and the roads in good condition.

  1. the swim was my first time attempting an open water triathlon and until training for this event i don’t think i had ever swam more than 2 laps straight. I think the practice the day before and the OWS clinic the week before really helped. In the end I was able to complete because I focused on not paying attention to others’ speeds. I kept a very relaxed pace which led to me being one of the last out. I think i could go faster next time, but it helped me stay calm and finish. My sighting is pretty bad though. I felt like a newborn turtle going towards the streetlight instead of the ocean…
  2. How much more difficult is the Jamestown swim than Lake Anna? Are there certain things we should be preparing for that we didn’t experience?
  3. I experienced a weird sensation where one of my hands lost nearly all of its gripping power during the cycling. I cycle regularly and this has never happened.  I was literally struggling to squeeze goo out. My feet also went numb and I didn’t regain full sensation until a mile into the run. Not sure why, as I’ve put thousands of miles on my bike and this hasn’t happened.