Reply To: Peasantman 'Tune Up' Race & Training Weekend – May 6-7


Great feedback!  Pleased to hear that Heidi and Carlos had a successful race. I know there were several else out there as well 🙂

It sounds like some open water swim practice will be helpful (it always is).  And sighting is always a skill that all of us can use more of.  That said, it was the first race of the season and this is exactly why you do this race as a tune up race before you take on your goal race.  This race was to get the ‘rust’ out.

Carlos, you mentioned splitting up your run.  Does this mean that you are using the run/walk method?

And knowing how to change a tire is necessary.  Great work on learning from last season and putting it into practice again.  It worked for you!

Congratulations all on a great race and using it for exactly what it was meant for…a good tune up race!