Reply To: Tune Up Events


Nice work Ross!  Pleased to hear that you made the trek to CT!  If you can do Quassy, you can do Williamsburg! 🙂 Sounds like you are doing a great job of dialing in nutrition and pacing.


As for heat acclimation, you will get some good practice this weekend! 🙂 And one of the things you can do is take on your workout during the hot part of the day.  So if the heat bothers you on the run, run during your lunch break or head out later on the weekend to hit the heat instead of getting it down early before it’s too hot.  Also, this is where being aware of your sweat rate and getting in enough hydration is vital.


What have others done to acclimate to the heat?  It’s all upon us!


And nice work Kelly on taking on another opportunity to gain confidence for your open water swim portion of the race.  As for the bike, most people reap the benefits of their endurance training the following season, not always the season you are training.  We are building up your endurance in zone 2. This is NOT a speed zone.  This is a ‘build endurance’ zone.  Ideally, what we want is for the bike to be easier for you at these longer distances.  This will allow for a more optimal run off of the bike.  Once the endurance or bike efficiency is in place, then you build speed upon it.  So it’s not that you will always be slow.  But you do have to be realistic about what you are training for and when you will gain this speed.

Speaking of building efficiency, take on those hills. The more you do them, the easier they will become and the more efficient you become.  Then the speed follows.  I know Freshbike’s has a hilly ride tonight…and there is always your trainer up on risers.

Thank you all for sharing your feedback and findings!