Reply To: Tune Up Events


Because of the conditions, Rock Hall went amazingly well (for me and apparently for everyone else who did it). And due to the short distance and cool temps, it was hard to focus on nutrition and hydration. I did force myself to down about 1 hours worth of food on the bike and most of a bottle of skratch, just because. and I had a shot block or two on the run, just to try. I just focused on cadence, HR (high-2/low-3), and feel while ignoring speed completely. Coming off the bike, I knew that even a terrible-for-me 10K would still beat last year’s time.

I did actually screw up my run pacing – shot out too fast again (more straight-up 10K pace than Tri or Half IM pace). It felt smooth and easy, and my HR was fine; but pace was faster than planned. But, again, due to the cool weather I was fine and just pushed that pace. Could have been a disaster with warmer weather; and not at all what I have been on the bricks all season long. So I really need to watch that in the goal race.

And I beat my wife (in the triathlon). Which may sound snarky but she finished 10 minutes faster than my Rock Hall time from last year, so not an easy win for me.