Reply To: Tune Up Events


Congratulations to both of you for the continued improvement!  10 minutes is huge and a testament to the hard work that both of you are putting in.

Yes, the conditions were ideal last weekend.  And what a change this weekend for Eagleman!  So don’t be afraid to get out and train in some of the heat for good heat training/acclimation.  It will only get warmer for the upcoming races this season.

And yes, pacing…it’s a skill that takes time and practice and often failing.  I also say that with all the love and support of a coach.  Many of us must learn by failing (not DNF failing but failing in terms that things do not go as planned or desired).  This is a great lesson learned and now you can plan differently next time.  Remember, as I spoke about in the Optimal Run Performance seminar, as well as the run seminar at Peasantman, your first mile off of the bike should be your slowest mile.  Let your body unwind, engage your gluts, dial in your cadence, take in some nutrition and work up to your appropriate pace/cadence for mile 2 onwards.  This will significantly help with your consistent pacing.

Finally, nice work practicing your HIM pacing and nutrition in a Oly race.  It’s much more challenging to do so in a short course race when everyone is ‘racing.’  Kudos to you for holding back, practicing the skills and learning the lessons! Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing!