Reply To: adjusting training


Great advice Juan!  The most important thing is that you get healed from your ear infection.  And this includes listening to your doctor’s recommendations.  You do not want this to get worse!  So if the doctor says a week off, then do so.  Juan is correct…the rest will only help and then you will feel very rested.

Otherwise, I would not worry about missing any mid week workouts.  The workouts that you want to adjust are your longer workouts on the weekend.  So if you miss key longer workouts, then you want to adjust going forward so you are ramping up gradually and not making a big jump (ignoring the missed workouts).  Adjust so you complete your missed workouts once you are able to get back out there and then adjust future longer workouts until you get back on track.


Also, be sure to ease back into your workouts (mid week) gradually as well, like Juan has done.  Start back with some easy, recovery workouts.  Build into the tempo/intensity workouts once you know you are ahead of the infection.  Also, running is the last that you should add as it is hardest on the body and quickest to set you back or encourage illness to return.

Rest up!