Reply To: run/bike improvements

Chris Jackson

Hi gang,

I appreciate all of the comments above. You’re not alone in feeling a bit mentally & physically sluggish!!

My only suggestions are as follows…

* You’re done. There’s nothing you can do now to make yourself fitter for race day. So don’t push it. Trust in the work you’ve done. I’d rather you show up a little undertrained than a little overtrained.  Relax if you need to (but keep a little intensity in an otherwise reduced activity taper)

* It’s hot. So…you will need to drink more.  And eating may become problematic. And yes your pace will be slower. Chase the feeling, not the pace. You will know if you’re going too hard. If it’s 90 degrees you WILL run slower. Everyone does. Don’t let pace be your gauge of success.

* Drink on the bike so you’re not too dehydrated on the run (you WILL be somewhat dehydrated). Keep yourself cool on the run by drinking at every station, using ice/sponges, and pouring water on your head/body.

* Taper. Sometimes I feel great. Sometimes I feel lousy. It doesn’t matter. If you feel sluggish in the next week or so, don’t let it get you down. It really doesn’t matter on race day.

* Have fun! You’ve worked hard. Now it’s time to enjoy the race. Think about what you’ll tell yourself when things get tough. And they will. Everyone (pros too) have negative periods during a long race – the key is pulling yourself out of it quickly.

Good luck everyone!