Reply To: IMMT Race Day Preparation


Good morning IMPers!  It’s almost go time!  IMMT is this weekend and this week is the true start to your Ironman.  Ironman takes a lot of logistics just to get organized and prepared to walk out the door.  This is why we always stress the importance of a solid race plan put in place a few weeks before your race.

Now hopefully you have your race plan in place, everything packed and ready to go.  We encourage you to get to race check in as early as possible.  Once you check in, grab all of those bags (morning of, bike, run, bike special needs and run special needs).  Lay them out on the floor and think through everything you need and want to pack to ensure that you are placing everything in the correct bag.

Is there anything out there that can offer suggestions for items they used for their different bags that might help those who are racing their first Ironman this weekend?

I always recommend adding your nutrition for the second half of the bike as well as an extra needed in your special needs bag.  You should also add any extra tire needs (tubes, CO2, tire, etc) that you might have depleted on the first loop.

For the run special needs bags, I always recommend you add in a throw away long sleeve t shirt.  When the sun goes down and you have been sweating all day long, you can get chilly.  This long sleeve t shirt can offer some warmth until your body can acclimate and get your body temperature back in place.  Then you can throw away the t-shirt as needed since it’s all donated to charity.

Here’s hoping that everyone is feeling good and ready!  Remember that the focus for this week is sleep, rest and being as prepared as possible to minimize your added stress.  How’s ready to race!? 🙂

Good luck to all IMMT’ers!

Coach AJ