Reply To: IM Maine 70.3


Thank you Bob for the update!  I am sorry it wasn’t a better outcome for you.  However it sounds like you learned some good lessons.  Yes, one of the hardest lessons of all is to listen to your body particularly when it comes to injury.  It’s easy to push through something that might not be good or just might not be so bad.  However, pain is the body’s signal that something is wrong.  So any pain is bad pain.

Thankfully you didn’t push through especially since you had a herniated disc.  Pleased to hear that you had a positive experience at Rose PT.  I will tell you that my athletes have not had a similar experience.  Rose PT has been known for ‘treating symptoms’ not the whole body.  By treating symptoms, you get temporary relief but within a short or certain amount of time, the issues return.  Most PT practices treat this way.  And therefore most athletes end up injured over and over again without resolution.

What I would recommend is finding a good sports minded PT practice that treats the whole body.  This is the best way to ensure that you are fixing the underlying concern and not just temporarily treating the symptoms.  Given the herniated disc issue, I am sure they have you doing a lot of static holds (planks, Pilates, etc).

Here’s hoping that you can get healthy so you can be stronger than ever for 2018!  Again, thank you for sharing and we wish you a speedy return!