Reply To: Session III/IV Data from Off Road


Hi Pat,

The only real metric you need for this program is your heart rate, which you can monitor using your watch or other device.  The Off Road bikes are set up using power, and we cannot switch them over to HR without incurring other issues with the studio.  Also, since most people train with HR, we wanted to stay with that metric so it translates to the rest of your season outside of these 9 weeks.  We will play around with power numbers for a limited number of drills and intervals, however, that’s more to reference power vs heart rate zones.

The VismoX software is capable of sending out your class performance at the end of each week, however, we are still working out that functionality.  In order to send those details it requires entering in everyone’s phone number and then assigning them to a bike each week.  Obviously that takes some time and delays the class, esp in the first week or two when we are trying to get everyone situated with bike fit and other details.  There is a way to set up in advance but its proven fairly glitchy.

For now, I think we are going to try to use the technology, but we’ll still rely on printed handouts for the classes to ensure we do not have any issues.  Technology can be great, but only if it doesn’t get in the way of the workout!

Thanks for the question,


OSP Lead