Reply To: Swim Training — Distance or Time?


Thank you for getting the conversation started, Abri!  First off, please don’t address questions specifically to me.  There are so many others that are very experienced and capable to respond so I ask that you don’t send questions specifically to me (particularly since I have a few times throughout the season where I might be traveling, etc and unavailable).  Therefore, others will feel more likely to respond.


In addition, I am going to answer all of these logistics questions at the Kick Off Meeting on February 21.  Please put it on your calendar!


Now for the question, this is a group training program.  I create the training schedule so it fits the vast majority of participants and I can tell you that swim experience and speed varies greatly.  So, as we will talk about at the kick off meeting, what matters most is the purpose of the workout not the nitty gritty details.  Thus if you are a faster or more competent swimmer, do the workout as called for.  If you have extra time left over, you do not have to keep swimming.  I am generous on swim time as time is really meant more for planning purposes than exact workout pacing.  And if you have extra time available to you, there is no harm in swimming some extra yards focusing on a much needed drill.


Bring these questions to the Kick Off Meeting!  See you all there!