Reply To: Training while traveling


I travel for work quite a bit, though almost exclusively within North America, so I may not have the same challenges as you. Couple of ideas:

SWIM – In addition to the swimming resources Coach AJ posted, I often use to find a pool that suits my needs. I often use the USMS tool she provided to find a masters swim team to drop in with so that I can get in a workout and meet some local athletes at the same time.

BIKE – This one is the trickiest, and your best bet is likely to try to rearrange your workouts so that your big bike workouts happen at home and you save your run and swim workouts for when you are on the road. You may be able to find a spin bike at a gym to get in a heart-rate based workout on your schedule. Ask if your employer will reimburse for a gym day pass when you are on travel for work (mine does).

RUN – Strava heatmaps are a good way to find popular places to run. If you are in a place where running outside is not safe, inquire in advance about treadmill access. Indoor runs may also be a possibility depending on where you are going to be.

GENERAL – try to stay hydrated and keep up on sleep as much as possible so you aren’t in a fatigue hole when you get home. This will prevent you from missing even more training upon returning.