Reply To: Nutrition for long bike / anyone doing masters


Great questions Charles!

Who else is doing master’s?  We all can benefit from it since swimming is all about technique!

As for your questions regarding on-bike nutrition, most athletes can’t handle only simple sugars (gels, sports drink and the like) for long course racing.  Thus this is where I encourage you to start adding in ‘whole’ or real food options.  Uncrustables are a fantastic option.  While they do have a little bit of peanut butter in them, if practiced (and it works) it should be fine.  I think PB&J is a staple for most long course racers.


A few other complex carb (whole or real food) options include: PB pretzel nuggets, boiled, salted potatoes, homemade bars from Portables book, etc.  What other options are other using/considering?

Feed Zone Portables

This is a very important discussion so please participate!  You can’t neglect or backload nutrition.  You need to be getting in nutrition after 60-75 minutes.  So since every training plan started with a longer ride than this threshold, everyone should have an opinion here.  Please share!

Thank you for getting the conversation started, Charles!