Reply To: Training while traveling


Great ideas, Elena!  Yes, these are all good alternatives to maintain your fitness.  Because when you travel, this is really what we are trying to do.  Maintain the fitness base you have developed since it’s often hard to progress fitness while not in your usual environment.

A few other options…

Consider looking at online options to find training partners.  When in Morocco, I found a triathlete in Marrakesh.  I reached out to him.  He took me under his wing and I did a run (and even borrowed one of his bikes) with him each day.  I was safe and enjoyed a much more cultural experience.

I have an athlete that travels to remote areas regularly.  We have found creative activities like finding a short hill and doing hill repeats.  If he can’t find a hill, he heads to a local high school and runs the stairs.  I had another athlete that hired a guide who drove along next to him while he was traveling with his family on a safari in Africa.  There are a million and one options out there to keep active while traveling if you really want to seek them out.

Do advanced research to see what is available to you.  Then once you are in your new environment, see what is available.  Be creative.  Have fun.  Foster a new training experience.

Great discussion!  Thank you for sending it along Elena!