Reply To: Rev3 Williamsburg Registration


hey Elizabeth – we are super-excited to see all of you at Clinic Day #1 on Sunday! We’ll be sending out more information on that so you all know what to expect and are fully prepared for a day of awesomeness.

As for Rev3 Williamsburg registration, please DO NOT sign up yet. We have a program-specific discount code that is higher than anything you’ll find and also ensures we get maximum benefit from your registration. If we get enough registrations, our bikes will be racked together in the transition area, we’ll get free co-branded BOCO hats, we’ll have a spot for the club tent at the finish line, we’ll have our own sorta-potty in transition, and there’s probably more benefits I’m forgetting at the moment.

We will be sending out the program-specific discount code soon so keep an eye out in one of the upcoming program newsletters (which will be sent weekly on Monday evenings starting next week).