Reply To: Clinic Days Agendas – March 4 & 11

Piotr Zielinski

Talk is cheap so let’s see what I’ve done since the last week.

  • I bought a foam roller. I find it very useful. That was a good session
  • Started training with HR zones..actually with correct ones. AJ mentioned this 100 times so I am not sure which session made me try it out.
  • Red Jacket’s Tart Cherry tastes good. I do not know yet if it helps for the recovery but I bet it tastes even better when mixed with vodka…No worries AJ. It would be only one drink on a rest day 🙂
  • I’ve started eating solid food during my bike rides. It definitely helps.
  • I have also started running with a higher cadence. Thanks, AJ.
  • I know how much I do not know about nutrition 🙂

I might have missed something… Regardless, both clinics and the Kick-Off meeting were awesome.

… one more thing. A couple of beers with great people is always a plus.

my two cents, Peter