Reply To: Peasantman

Mark Raugust

Hey all, congrats again to everyone who raced Peasantman this weekend. Some tips following your race:

1. Rinse and drip dry your wetsuit inside out

2. Wash your Tri-kits on cold gentle then lime dry them to make them last a lot longer

3.  Completely empty and air out your transition bag

4.  Now this week or coming weekend is a great opportunity to practice cleaning and lubing your bike

5.  It’s totally normal if you need to skip or shrink some of your workouts this week after a race, but don’t stop everything cold turkey, at least do some light recovery workouts and add in some extra stretching or foam rolling.

Congrats again everyone. If you raced I probably got at least one photo of you I’ll try to get all my Peasantman pics uploaded this week.