Reply To: Raleigh 70.3 on 6/3/18


Fantastic feedback, Jon!  This is exactly why we do tune up races and you summarized your lessons learned and experiences perfectly!  First off, congratulations on a job well done.

I would like to talk to your points.

  • Yes, please dial back your IM bike one notch.  Most people push the bike just a little too hard and this is why most athletes end up ‘walking’ the marathon.  It’s a see saw and you need to find that perfect balance.  And that usually is dialing back your bike one notch.
  • Nice work trying out your run/walk during your tune up race.  Now you know what is working for you and what is not.  I encourage everyone else to be practicing and doing the same thing at your tune up race.  The nice thing about the run/walk is that its scalable IF it’s practiced.  So keep practicing!
  • Great feedback on wet shoes.  Yes they can cause blisters.  Don’t be afraid to add body glide to your toes as well.  This minimizes blisters.  However having a change of shoes can also be a welcome change 🙂
  • When it comes to your IM finish line, trust me, you won’t be sprinting!  Even if you can, take your time.  Enjoy the finish shute.  Play with the crowd, pose for a good picture.  My best IM picture was taken at this time and it’s now framed in my living room.  Am I crying over those lost 2 seconds because I high fived everyone as I ran towards the finish line?  Not for one minute.  Enjoy your reward for a hard work well done.
  • Always prepare for everything including rain.  This is what Ironman is all about.  What you think it’s possible will be 🙂
  • Body glide will also help your wetsuit come off easier.  So don’t be afraid to add more to your wrists and ankles as well as any other area needed.  And how do you know what they are, practice including in your tune up race!

Awesome work Jon!  And thank you for sharing your experiences and lessons learned.  They are excellent and gives everyone some things to think about.

You should post more often! 🙂