Reply To: Philly Triathlon


Thank you Abri for your race recap!  I hope everyone will join me on congratulating Abri for an awesome job!

There are many good lessons learned in here so I hope everyone has taken a read through.  First off, sometimes taking the pressure off (like injury) often (usually) yields a PR.  This is why I recommend not setting time expectations for your first attempt at a new distance.  It takes the pressure off and most end up performing better 🙂

Some other good lessons learned….bike handling skills!  You can never have enough practice.  Nutrition!  Yes, even for the Olympic distance, nutrition is vital.  No one, particularly in this heat and humidity, can skimp on hydration.  I also encourage you to ensure you are taking an electrolyte supplement as well, whether it’s a sports drink or electrolyte tablets.  You need between 400-800+ mg of sodium per hour.  So be sure to add this to your practice and race plan!  Also, be sure to start drinking a sports drink the day or two before your race (limit water) to make sure your electrolyte stores are full. Abri’s experience was very evident that she was dehydrated.  Thankfully you bounced back but it can have harmful side effects.  So learn this lesson all!

All in all, awesome work out there this season Abri!  Your motivation and consistency yielded a fantastic effort including landing on the podium!