Reply To: Goal Race: Williamsburg!


Thanks for the feedback, Coach. RE my bike mistake: I chose to switch from a TT bike to an aero road bike for a numbers of reasons, but I did not get fit on it, and I did not get fit again to switch it to a tri-specific setup. I had ridden on the new bike for about half the training period, so I knew the feel of the bike well. The bike is great, but nonetheless, I certainly did not follow the sound advice of Coach–and pretty much anyone who races or coaches, and I think my time suffered a bit for it. I had been fit on my TT bike, and it was worth it then. This time, it just didn’t happen.

For new racers out there, this is a no-no. You can feel the difference in an Olympic race, and you will DEFINITELY know the difference in a 70.3. I did fine, and the fit that I have is not causing me discomfort, but it is not ideal especially for a race (huge difference between time trial/tri setup and road bike setup), and I believe I could have raced stronger with some adjustments. I have another race in a month, and I will get the bike dialed in before then to be sure. Take it from me–there is a reason that you should get a professional bike fitting!