Reply To: Ironman Mont Tremblant


Thank you David for your spectator race report!  In fact, this is very helpful.  Sometimes we are so athlete focused that it is good to hear from a spectators point of view (who is also an athlete so you know what is important!).

Great points so I encourage you all to read through them.  Typically the transitions are longer than normal just by nature of how they need to set up transition, etc.  IMLP is also very long.  I remember after my first IM someone asking me if I sat down and had lunch during T1.  In fact, T1 (and somewhat T2) add a significant amount of time to your overall day so don’t overlook them!

I’ve heard feedback about the metric system confusion and calculations.  However your remarks regarding the French transitions signs is a good one.  Always know the transition area!

And yes, Ironman gains it’s name for good reason.  Anything, literally, is possible!

Thank you for sharing your experience David!  Next year is YOUR year!