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Survey response about value of membership: It has been more valuable since the MoCo mafia really expanded to be inclusive and welcoming in the last couple years! Before that i never did anything with the club due to distance.
President’s response:
I really have no response to give here other than to just call out the MoCo Mafia community group leaders Jeff Halper, Jay Cochran, and Joyce Jones (also Director of Community Groups & Outreach) for all that they have done to make the MoCo group more active, inclusive, and welcoming! They have done an incredible job with the group and made it one of our most active community groups within the club. I mean, they have done such a great job getting people together and excited about DCTri that there was enough interest to bring a session of the Off-Season Spin Program up to MoCo this year! That’s amazing!
The only additional thing I’ll add is to be on the lookout for all the events and fun that they have in store for you this year! I know there is a MoCo Mafia Happy Hour on Feb 21st at Pinstripes in North Bethesda to get the year started off. And they have almost regular weekend rides once the weather warms up!
But the strength of these community groups and their leaders is what makes this club so great and so much fun! With how difficult it can be to get around the DC area (especially during rush hours on weekdays), the community groups are our way that we can still get some club member interaction going and keep the excitement of the club going!
President | DC Triathlon Club