Reply To: Kickoff Meeting Follow Up


Thank you to everyone who came out on Monday.  We know it was a lot of information but we only had one shot to get it out to you ? And thank you Jorge for the very helpful overview.


As a follow up, here are a few areas where there were remaining questions.

  1.  Bike Fit – Please do not use the quick ‘bike fit’ that the bike shop gives you when you purchase your bike.  This is NOT sufficient for your needs as a triathlete.  This is fine for the recreational cyclist not someone training and racing.  Here are the local recommended options.
    1. Paravilla (Stu) in Annapolis for tri and road bikes –
    2. Smiley in Rockville for road bikes –
    3. Sports Doctor in Waldorf –
  2. Training Peaks Code – There seems to still be confusion around how to apply the Training Peaks code.  Remember to apply it at the beginning of your program (not before or it will expire). Here are the steps
    1. Click ‘Upgrade’ in upper right corner
    2. Slide the scale to ‘monthly.’
    3. Click ‘Get it.’
    4. Next page, top right is a place to add the coupon code.
  3. Heart Rate Zone Training – Once you do your bike and run test and find your peak 20 minute average heart rate, here are the steps to calculate your HR zones.
    1. Account Settings -> Zones -> Heart Rate (or Power)
    2. ‘Add Sport’ -> Chose your sport -> ‘Add’
    3. Under the discipline, put your 20 minute HR average under ‘Threshold Heart Rate.’
    4. Under ‘Auto Calculation,’ choose ‘Lactate Threshold.’
    5. Under ‘Choose Method,’ choose ‘Joel Friel for cycling,’ Joel Friel for running,’ or ‘Andy Coggan’ (for power).
    6. ‘Calculate,’ ‘Save and Close’ and you are done!

Here’s to a great start of the season!