Reply To: HR zones doubts

Romain Taravella

Thanks AJ. This is very helpful. Once again I am really not an expert in this, just trying to get my head around the HR system. My thoughts:

  1. Yes absolutely, I need to do a LT test very soon, old data no good.
  2. The VO2 test was not the best use of my money. Agreed.
  3. But… VO2 and LTHR are correlated (the article shows it clearly), that is the reason why I left the VO2 test room with a precise LTHR and with some clear training zones based on this anchor point. So it seems that the main difference is how zones are calculated once you have the LTHR value, in particular the (so critical) Z2. It seems that Fitness Concepts has a much more conservative understanding of Z2. Maybe there is something here to think about.
  4. Yes, for sure differences between methodologies are to be expected. I am just amazed by their scale and potential impacts.

Thanks again!