Reply To: HR zones doubts


As I mentioned in both the Athlete’s Guide and at the kick off meeting, there are literally thousands of different ways to calculate your heart rate (and power) zones and you will get varying numbers with each calculation.  The slides I did not have a chance to review at the kick off meeting because we ran out of time, (however I still summarized them) was that there is both room for and margin of error for both human and technology application and execution when it comes to heart rate zone training.  It is NOT a perfect science (even when done in a lab). But it’s a much better science than not doing anything at all!

As stressed and summarized at the kick off meeting, the key here is that you must correlate heart rate with power (as applicable) with your rate of perceived exertion with your talk test. 

You do not have to use Joel Friel’s heart rate calculations.  It is my recommendation after years of trial and erroring several different methods.  However, this is your choice and your responsibility to apply and execute  as part of a group training program.  We are here to educate and guide.