Reply To: watch recommendation?

Jason Sreedhar

I’ll provide some contrast. I have been using a Suunto (think it’s the Ambit 3 Sport?) for a couple of years now. Bought it based on a recommendation from dcrainmaker, as well as the fact that it was $150 cheaper than the garmin 735 at the time. Its been pretty great, does everything I want it to. Only real drawback is that it doubles the readings from my power meter (have tried to sort this multiple times)– doesn’t actually affect my training, but lists me as a world-class cyclist in trainingpeaks. Would suggest reading the article if your interested– I’ve found that suunto is generally less expensive than garmin due to the decreased popularity. And check amazon, good for the occasional discount. Would definitely recommend– just don’t get blue, looks awkward when you forget to take it off before an important work meeting.