Reply To: Swim training description


Good questions Joe!

As we talked about at the kick off meeting and described in the athlete’s guide, the t-pace is your base pace for your 1,000 meter swim test.  This is basically your average swim pace.


So what is the point of this workout?  What is the title of the workout?  What is the workout ask of you?  What pacing is it expecting?  Remember that every workout should be undertaken with the understanding of what we are trying to achieve here.  The purpose here is to gain some easy but technique focused endurance.  It is a continuous swim (main set) where you maintain a comfortable but consistent pace with a 100 meter thrown in to ensure that your form is perfect.  You then go back to your comfortable but consistent swimming integrating the purpose of the finger tip drag.  So what is the purpose of the finger tip drag?  The title of the workout, ‘swim endurance’ should give you a good idea of the purpose of the workout.

If you cannot maintain your form throughout the main set, then stop swimming and take a brief rest.  Continuing to swim with poor form only ingrains poor form.  Again, don’t nit pick the details (continuous within the main set or within each set within in the main set).  What matters is what we are trying to achieve.  If you can maintain perfect form for 2000 meters, do it!  It will help build endurance.  If you cannot, do as much as you can without your form faltering.  Hopefully next time you can go further.

Now that we know the purpose of the workout, what is the purpose of the finger tip drag?