Reply To: Ironman Bike Nutrition


Thank you Margaret for the down low on the potatoes!  She is a pro! Remember to practice with 2-3 bites every 15-20 minutes to ‘train’ your stomach a little at a time.  This is how you end up taking in calories anyways.

If Combos sounds decadent, try them.  They are easy to pick up mid-ride at a convenience store!  If something else sound decent, try it too.  It’s very likely your tummy will play tricks on you on race day so knowing you have back-up options is always key.

Also, another note that Rebecca touched on is that you must use your hydration to get in electrolytes (unless you are supplementing with something like Base Salt).  Nuun and Vitamin water do not count! They just don’t have the electrolyte source that endurance athletes need.  Tailwind, Skratch, NBS, Osmo are better options to consider.  She was not a fan of Infinit due to the higher than stomach acceptable concentration.

Thank you for getting this discussion up and running! It just could save your race 🙂