Reply To: Long rides on the bike trainer?


UPDATE: Margaret, DC Tri Club Director of Training Programs, and I decided to take our meeting to Hains Point this afternoon.  We rode laps while having our meeting.  Brilliant!

However, there was intense headwinds on one side and an incredible tailwind on the other side.  Margaret mentioned that this was good training grounds for IMMD.

As we continued to ride, eventually the end of HP was under water due to the winds causing currents in the Potomac River.   So now we were riding through a considerable amount of water.  Margaret mentioned that this was good training grounds for IMMD since they had to bike and run through standing water one year.

In the midst of this all, we were obviously needing to keep up with our hydration and nutrition while working to keep our bikes in the upright position.  You just can’t gain this type of training on the trainer.

And for my first IM, it rained the whole time during my bike portion of IMLP.  If you haven’t rode on steep ascents and descents in the pouring rain, it’s a real treat 🙂

Get outdoors and ride!