Reply To: Bike Nutrition Experiments


I’m heading out of town this weekend, so i did long ride #1 today. It was waaaay too wet to ride outside so this was done on my trainer. Finally, some of this was scraped together because i haven’t been to a store in a few days – but, it worked out relatively well.

Here’s what I tried and learned:

* honey stinger waffle vanilla – delicious! Ate 1 at :30 and hour 1. Felt good, but got hungry in 2nd hour so I will try to eat 1 full one at :30 and another at hour 1.

* gu roctane gel chai latte – tasty, ate it at hour 1.5. A little thick for my taste, but not too sweet. Went down easy and didn’t affect my heart rate. Will try again but will eat later in ride or on run

* Dave’s killer everything bagel (half of it) with loads of sunflower butter. I ate this between hour 2 and 3. The sunflower butter made it hard to swallow,  but it really helped with the hunger. I think I’ll try a smaller amount of sunflower butter next time on sourdough bread. The bagel was amazing, but sourdough is my favorite.

* huma chia mocha  gel – these are my favorite gels! Love the texture and not too sweet. Ate this at hour 3.5. In a race , I’d probably hold off another hour.

* red bull – hour 3-4. Really helped with my energy, but i think if i had ate more earlier on, i could have pushed this back.

* EFS fruit punch electrolyte mix. 2 bottles in 4 hours. This is so gross. I found a leftover container from a few years ago. It could be that it’s old or it’s just gross. Will definitely not use this again.

* frozen blueberries – ate 1 cup over the first 2 hours. So freakin good. Perfect! Digested well and not too sweet. Will definitely eat again!