Reply To: Buying Your First Road Bike

Jill Maloney

Just going to piggyback on this: I just bought a bike at Bicycle Pro Shop in Georgetown. They were super helpful, let me go on multiple long test rides, answered all my questions, and didn’t pressure me. I test rode some Cannondale bikes and Specialized bikes but ended up with a cannondale, which is 30% off with our membership, and SPD hybrid pedals that were 15% with our discount. They have an in-store sale until March 31st but our Cannondale coupon extends through April 15th I think. With bike purchase I get a free bike fitting (after 100 miles or so), which is pretty exciting based on what I learned in the bike clinic and what Josh has to say about the fittings.

Hope this helps! I hadn’t ridden a non-spin class bike in over a year and did a lot of research before going in. The first bike I tried was very nice and light and pretty, but it was also a very aggressive geometry road bike that was so awkward to ride. I was wobbling all over the place…was very humbling and kind of embarrassing. Glad I went back and found one I loved and is much more comfortable.

Good luck to all my other new bike owners! Now I just need to find a cool way to store it in my studio apartment.