Reply To: Half Ironman On-Bike Nutrition


Again, more great feedback Liz!  So many good nuggets in here for those reading.

  1.  Nuun – Not only does Nuun have insufficient calories, it also has insufficient electrolytes.  For this reason, Rebecca does not recommend Nuun or Vitamin Water (or similar).  This is where a true sports drink is needed.
  2. Transitioning outdoors – Yes, it is easy to eat and drink while your bike is locked into a trainer.  It is a much different story when you head outdoors and you are riding with the elements (and lot of buses heading to the cherry blossoms)!  This is why we encourage you to get outdoors and ride as much as possible.  Eagleman is an early season race so now that the weather is changing, you must take advantage of everything opportunity to get outdoors and ride.
  3. Calories per hour – Nice work Liz working on a good baseline to work from.  Now that you have options that seem to work for you, what I would recommend next is to start working out how many calories you are getting in per hour to make sure you are hitting your personal requirements.  It’s a fine line between sufficient calories for long lasting fuel and too many (or not enough practice) that ends with GI issues.  It’s really about practicing at this point!
  4. Bento Box – There are so many newer and probably more ‘aero’ options out there.  However many of the are not as functional.  I still recommend this old school option.  It’s an oldy but goody!

Does anyone else have a bento box they recommend?  How else spent time outdoors working on their nutrition this past weekend?  Saturday was picture perfect riding weather!