Reply To: Master Swim Program Present Swim Video Analysis

Jason Sreedhar

Regarding further clinics: definitely let us (the MSP team) know if you are interested in making another round of this! Reach out either on facebook, text, insta, or at practice! FYI these videos are good for swim analysis as well as social media posting 🙂

Katie–re kicking with a pull buoy: There’s technically no problem with this. In fact, we’ve noticed that a lot of the faster swimmers at masters do this out of habit more than anything else. Be a little weary with this tho– if you are feeling the need to kick, it may signify that something else is off (core tautness aka superman, hip position in the water, etc) and that you’re using the kick to compensate/counterbalance. So while you shouldn’t need to kick while pulling, it’s not really hurting you if you do occasionally or accidentally.