Reply To: Moving workouts around questions


Yes, Jason and I have a mutual friend or two that trained well during their time in Iraq. So please do let Jason know some details if you are interested.

Otherwise, this is a good question since many of us will travel throughout our Ironman training.  The most important thing to do is find out, in advance, what you will have access to.  When my athletes do so, I can then adjust their schedule so we can minimize the affects of this missed time.  Most importantly, the focus is on minimizing your fitness loss.

In order to do this, if you have access to a hotel gym, you can keep up with easy, recovery workouts like a stationary bike spin.  However, you are not fit for the bike so be careful how long and how hard you push.  Add in some surges or short intervals to give some variety.

If you have an access to a treadmill, the same feedback applies.  Keep it nice and easy unless you are certain you have perfect running form.  The treadmill can magnify any running inefficiencies and increase your risk for injury.

Otherwise, the one thing you can always do is keep up with your functional strength training.  Take a resistance band and it’s a perfect time to focus on your gluts and core.  You can always do a plank challenge during your time.  Also, for those who attended the second swim clinic, master’s reviewed dry land exercises you can do to also keep up with your swim conditioning.